E3 2014 is close, very close, and rumors and leaks are significantly increasing their frequency.

Industry insider Tidux has shared with DualShockers some pretty interesting info about Sony internal developments.

According to this insider, SCE Japan Studio is currently developing five new games. All of these new titles would be for PlayStation 4, although not all of them will be shown at E3.

Japan Studio, Tidux states, has also plenty PS Vita games in the works.

Tokyo Game Show 2013 016 600x337 Rumor: SCE Japan Studio developing 5 games for PS4. Guerrilla Games title is 'open world' | VGLeaks 2.0

Tidux also mentioned that Guerrilla Games‘ exclusive title for PS4, which is going to be announced at E3 2014, is “open world for sure”.

Finally, he confirmed part of the leaks about Sony’s E3 conference that appeared yesterday, specifically the three minute-long trailer for Uncharted, the stage demo for The Order: 1886 and Sony Japan Studio debuting two to three games.

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By the way, Tidux assured that the infamous login error 80710092 is about to be solved by Sony. Good news.

Via | DualShockers