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As you may know, the PlayStation Now service currently allows many PS2, PS3, and PS4 games to be streamed on PC, PS5, or PS4.

In addition, Sony could be preparing its streaming infrastructure to include PS5 games in PS Now. All this according to a patent uncovered by DualShockers, in which Sony describes how to cluster multiple high-speed NVMe SSDs and store the same information on them, in order to provide high-speed data to a client device.

Precisely what’s interesting about this (in addition to the use of NVMe SSDs, such as the PlayStation 5), is that the example for the patent’s practical use is with video games.

Of course, the fact that the company is currently testing and patenting a streaming infrastructure with SSDs doesn’t mean that we’ll soon be able to see PS5 games on PS Now, but we’ll have to keep an eye out for it in the medium term.

Stay tuned.