The first installment of Uncharted was released in 2007, spanning two gaming generations. This extended period may have kept loyal players engaged while potentially alienating new consumers. Hence, Sony might be contemplating remaking the inaugural title, Drake’s Fortune.

According to Nick Baker and Jon Clarke from XboxEra, Sony has entertained the notion of remaking Uncharted 1 from scratch. However, it’s essential to note that these are just ideas, lacking concrete plans. Clarke cautioned, “It is worth saying that the additional detail I got was that this was, this was quite old – like I am talking a number of years. But it wouldn’t surprise me, right… as a way to bring the series back into the limelight again and get people hyped.”

While Nick and Jon suggested Sony’s consideration, it doesn’t necessarily imply the company will pursue this idea. Notably, some time ago, data found in The Last of Us 2 hinted at a potential remake of Uncharted 1. This suggests that at least some groundwork has been laid for the project.

Thanks, Eurogamer.