Star Wars Eclipse was announced a short while ago, last December at The Game Awards, and although we saw some footage of the game (set during The High Republic era), it appears to be still in the very early stages of development. In fact, the development started in early 2021.

At least that’s according to @accngt, who already leaked information and an image of Star Wars Eclipse before it was officially announced, making him a source to be reckoned with. According to his information, development is split between Quantic Dreams’ teams in Paris and Montreal.

The Paris team is working on cinematics, story, level art, and the game’s engine, while the Montreal team is working on gameplay proofs of concept. Either way, it looks like both sides will have influences coming from The Last of Us.

SW Eclipse, moreover, will be an open-world game that will strike a good balance between action and adventure.

Stay tuned.

Via | VGC