Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was one of the standout western RPGs released during the Xbox 1/PC era. A finely crafted RPG that embodied the essence of Bioware, its concluding arc left a lasting impact on players with its compelling storytelling.

In 2021, a remake of this gem was announced, initially under the development of Aspyr and later moved to Saber in 2022 by the Embracer Group. However, recent updates suggest a different narrative.

As per Jeff Grubb on Game Mess Mornings, he stated definitively that the game is currently buried:

“I just want to clear it up, this game is not being worked on right now,”
“Just full stop. This game is not being worked on in any way, at any studio.”

While it’s advisable to await an official statement, the current information casts doubt on the continuation of the game’s development.

Thanks, Insider-Gaming.