Nintendo Switch has been one of the best products to give or receive as a present during these holidays. The Big N is printing money with Switch and selling numbers are impressive. Nintendo are doing a great job with the hybrid system and they deserve this success.

Two rumors have been published the last week about Switch and we would like to cover these pieces of information:

1. 64GB cartridges for developers. According to WSJ, Nintendo has been delayed the 64GB game cards for Swith until 2019. Initially, Nintendo expected to deliver these cards to developers in the second half of 2018. 64GB cards are mostly focused to western developers, but they will have to offer part of the game in the card and the other part as a downloable content if the size of the game exceeds 32GB.

2. Nintendo Paid Online Service. Nintendo was going to launch their online payment service for Switch late 2017, but taking as a reference the information leaked by Nintendo Italy, this service could be launch in Fall 2018.

nintendo switch online 1030x579 [Rumor] Switch: 64GB cartridge delayed to 2019, paid online service moved to fall 2018 | VGLeaks 2.0

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