As NowGamer reports, players have discovered a new competitive multiplayer playlist called Trials of Osiris while digging into Destiny’s source code. Thanks to its description, we know that ‘Trials of Osiris’ will take place on Mercury, a planet that has yet to be explored in the game’s story. The description also says that the playlist consists of the 3 vs. 3 Skirmish game mode:

“Trials of Osiris (Skirmish): 3v3. You have caught the eye of Osiris. Venture to Mercury and prove yourself as one of the Crucible’s elite. Only the worthy may face the Trials of Osiris, for only the worthy are strong enough to endure what is to come. A string of victories will earn great rewards – but lose three times and you’re out.”

Possibly mercury 600x334 Rumor: Trials of Osiris, hidden Destiny PvP playlist on Mercury discovered | VGLeaks 2.0

Furthermore, it seems that the playlist and the map will be only accessible by earning a Tournament Ticket, a rare item drop that can be attained by scoring wins in the Crucible, which will grant access to the new playlist on Mercury. However, the playlist will be accessible only for the first three defeats, after that players will lose access and they will have to earn another Tournament Ticket. On the other hand, the longer players survive Trials Of Osiris without being kicked out, the higher the rewards will be.

Via | MP1st & NowGamer