Many of you may be familiar with twitter user AestheticGamer. In the past, this user has given accurate information and leaks about the Resident Evil franchise (RE 2 Remake for example) and, now, he is giving info about another mythical IP from another Japanese developer: Konami.

According to this source, Konami began accepting Silent Hill pitches from different developers a couple of years ago. Now, two Silent Hill games are being developed. One of the games would a kind and soft reboot of the franchise, while the other one would be an episodic game like the Telltale games we were used to. It’s not clear if this two project view the green light two years ago.

Furthermore, other rumors, coming from less reliable sources, claim that Hideo Kojima could be involved in one of these new Silent Hill games.

Be that as it may, please take this info with salt.

Stay tuned.