Its official, Microsoft will present its Durango/new Xbox in May 21. That day rumors will become reality (some ones). Polygon has new details for Durango, like you can reckon, the machine will share some aspects with PS4. Alike in some parts, sworn enemies in others:

  • Video Sharing: Capture and share your videos through Ustream and Facebook. This system will allow the player to configure this tool under different parameters. You will be able to turn it on/off or record some certain moments. Moreover, this system will work like a DVR, so, you can record everything and just select certain moments to share, the highlights of your game.
  • Achievements: Once the games hit the shelves, the publishers will be able to add more achievements. This function could change slightly the players behavior.
  • Xbox Live: Microsoft wants to improve this service to get a better align with Facebook or Twitter. Forget the friends cap, this time you can choose to follow whoever you want. Xbox Live meets Twitter.


We want to stand out these points; we keep our word about the always online. Durango won’t need internet connection to run games or apps (Games & Apps that you can run without internet, obviously).

Thanks, Gematsu.