Update: False alarm, the rumor revolves around a movie, not a videogame.

The Bat will light the League of the Justice movie and after the announcement of the second part of the Arkham Asylum comic by Grant Morrison, we could play a new game in the near future. In fact, there were rumors about a new Batman game developed by Warner Montreal, but the title is resisting to be announced.

The Batman ecosystem is rich and has splendorous characters like Harley Quinn and The Joker. These famous villains could be in a videogame as main characters according to Screenrant. Allegedly, the game could have been unveiled at Comic-Con (San Diego), but we haven’t seen anything like that in the event.

Quote from Screenrant:

‘The project is described as a spinoff and Geoff Johns is set to produce. No story details or production dates have been set as of yet, but it’s possible we learn more during the Warner Bros. panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con International tomorrow where they kick off the big day in the convention center’s Hall H’.

It’s a faint rumor with a weak base, therefore, mind your steeps. Even this project could be related to an animation movie…

Thanks, NeoGAF.