Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will reach the shelves in September 1, but the game is generating more information about the situation between Hideo Kojima and Konami than the game itself.

Nikkei has published an article that summarizes the turmoil between Kojima Productions and Konami. Bullet points extracted from that publication:

– Kojima made the situation more tense when The Phantom Pain was delayed. Konami changed the work conditions installing cameras and punch clocks.

Launch times were regulated through time cards. Those who exceed allotted time are outed within company.

– Useless workers for Konami were transferred to other departments: assembly lines (Pachinko), security or cleaners at fitness clubs (part of the business within the Konami holding).

Dragon Collection for mobile devices changed everything at Konami. The game was developed with a budget of less of $1 million and got great benefits.

– Konami spent $80 million to develop The Phantom Pain.

– Love Plus creator left the company. Konami halted two developments: a new Toukiden and a Tokimeki Memori game.

Kojima Productions is dismantled.

Meanwhile, Nvidia supports Hideo Kojima and treats The Phantom Pain as a game created by Kojima and his team, Kojima Productions:

nvidia kojima 600x201 Rumors: Metal Gear Solid V cost $80 million, Labour situation at Konami | VGLeaks 2.0

Thanks, NeoGAF & Nikkei.