Sony could unveil PS4/Orbis in February, that’s not a secret. Rumors are flying now and hype is growing up. Edge, has published info about the new control and an estimated Orbis launch in the market. In short:

New DualShock

  • New pad redesign, same size.
  • Touchpad in the center. Forget the Select, PS and Start buttons.
  • Touchpad created with the same technology that the rear Vita’s touchpad.
  • Save 15 min of your activity. System will save your last 15 min. No processing penalty according the source.
  • Share button: Allows the player to take screenshots or videos. Save them in your HDD or share online.

The Launch

  • Christmas launch for USA and Japan. Europe early 2014.
  • Improve PS Eye, PS Move compatible.

We are ready and hype it’s burning.

Thanks, EDGE.