0 Are service games the new black? (The Division, Destiny) | VGLeaks 2.0

The current gen has brought an established concept in PC to consoles: the service games. The company releases the core of the game. This framework includes the essential gameplay mechanics and a portion of the content. The content is improved and extended regularly through free DLCs and payment content. Yes, the infamous season passes are part of this policy.

Thanks to this practice, the game is frequently updated and invites players to complete new missions or taste the new tweaks did to the gameplay, mostly oriented to balance classes and weapons. This bare formula generates addiction and players around the world know how addictive Destiny or The Division can be.

The Division is a party animal in the tech section. The Tom Clancy’s IP has got outstanding visuals and a lot of minor details that crafts a superb experience in this field. Take your time to admire the lighting effects, the particle effects and the weather. Destiny is a moderate tech experience. The Bungie universe has got an acceptable performance without frame drops and the artistic work improves the visuals. Good graphics are always a nice cover letter.

1 Are service games the new black? (The Division, Destiny) | VGLeaks 2.0

Above all, the success in this kind of games depends on one thing: farming. You do not play to save the humankind, you do not invest part of your life in such nonsense purpose, you play to improve your equipment. The more you play, the more chances to get legendary items. Once you have beaten the content provided, you reach the endgame. The game has to be solid enough to supply players with scaled-up equipment. Get these precious items are just a matter of time, but are interwoven to “games of chance” mechanics. In order to acquire the equipment that you desire, you will have to repeat missions and content until you get the best weapon or the fanciest pieces of gear. It’s a way to organize players hierarchically in order to create VIP troupes. There are games of chance that follow the same mechanics, for instance you can become a VIP player in a Bingo site. The Division promotes the same procedures. A well balanced engame is paramount to get involved with the game.

2 Are service games the new black? (The Division, Destiny) | VGLeaks 2.0

The cooperative are implied in this formula. Conquer the universe of save New York from the collapse are more enjoyable when you have friends fighting on your side. The difficulty is another key feature and should be adjusted to avoid O kills’ matches.

The recipe included by Destiny and The Division will be a trend. There is a big market on it.