Playing games is one of the best ways to escape reality and lose yourself in a world where anything is possible. That’s why so many people enjoy casino games. For a few hours, they can be whoever they want to be. This culture has particularly caught on in countries like Hungary where reputable casino online sites offer their services. So, without leaving your home, you can step into a new realm and let go of your worries. And if you enjoy casino gaming, you are sure to love the Shadow of the Erdtree. Let’s see what is in it for you.

What’s New?

For the past few months, gamers have been raving about the Shadow of the Erdtree, which is set to change the Elden Ring DLC. This expansion will allow players to enjoy role-playing to a whole new extent, as it comes with the following perks.

  • 1. A New Storyline.

How about stepping into the Land of the Shadow and uncovering what it has to offer? For players, this will no longer be a fantasy but a reality in this new turn of events. You will get to follow Empyrean Miquella, who will take you past the previous lands and guide you to this new space that was previously not accessible. In it, you can expect to uncover hidden mysteries; all you need to do is keep your eyes open for these new adventures.


  • 2. A New Realm.


Anyone who has played this RPG game before can attest to its numerous twists and turns. However, there is always room for new experiences, as will be the case with this expansion. Players can finally go beyond the Land Between and venture into the Land of Shadow. As the name suggests, this is a realm where you can expect to uncover secrets unique to this land. Moreover, you will get to set your sights on different dungeons and all sorts of dangerous enemies, thus prompting you to think beyond the basic strategies.


  • 3. A New Arsenal.


Would you like to vanquish your enemies faster and with less effort? Well, you will enjoy the range of weapons in the new release. Players will have access to different weapons (including magic) and skills to help them beat their enemies and venture deeper into the new territories. 

Let’s consider some of the most awaited items:


  • Light Greatswords: These feature speed and power and are just the tools you need when facing a formidable enemy. Traditional greatswords have nothing on these weapons.
  • Great Katanas: If you enjoyed using the standard katanas, you will love these new options. They deliver more damage thanks to their broader reach and are thus the best weapons when dealing with an enemy who won’t seem to back down.
  • Perfume Bottles: Some battles are best won using spells. And how better to do this than flinging a perfume bottle at your enemy? You will be sure to feel as the power leaves your hand.
  • Beast Claws: When you feel cornered, you can now claw your way out, literally. This weapon allows you to attack your enemy with the primal fury that you would see on a nature channel.


Players can expect more than 100 weapons to grace their arsenals with this new release. Of course, mastering how they work will take some time – but that’s all part of the fun in this game.

When Can You Get It?

Reading about all these new and amazing options may have you wondering when you can get your hands on the game.  The release date has been scheduled for 21st June 2024. And as long as you have the Elden Ring as a base, you will be able to access this new release. As you interact with other players, develop your character, and escape to another amazing realm, everything people love about RPGs will come to light.