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Did you grow up on the classic and somewhat addictive game Tetris? Do you love the thrill of slots machines? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then you must check out Slotris at William Hill, a slots game which offers enormous fun and the chance of enhanced cash wins.

In addition to the easy to use game play and the top class graphics, one of the most impressive aspects of Slotris is the way in which it has successfully integrated an existing blockbuster game with the excitement of slots. Just like Tetris, the aim of the game is to use building blocks in order to complete rows on the grid. Should you do this successfully, you will win money or free spins. The way in which to achieve this is to simply spin the reels of this 3-line slot.

All you need to do is to use the “Stake Up” and “Stake Down” buttons to decide on your wager. Then you are ready to go by pressing “Play.” The blocks, of varying sizes and colours will begin to fall. Although you cannot control their direction, as you would in Tetris, the idea and the anticipation is the same. Up to 4 rows can be completed at any one time and the more rows you form, the bigger the cash prize. Of course, once a row is complete, it will be removed from the game, creating space for additional rows to be constructed. Once there is no more room on the grid, your game will be completed.

However, Slotris also includes a “magic block” feature. If you receive a magic block, then it will result in 10 free spins. Crucially, any wins recorded during the free play mode will be doubled, giving you the potential for a cash prize. Additional free spins can also be secured during the free spins mode.

There are some other noteworthy features too, which help to tailor the game to your specifications. The “Slow Mode” allows you to follow the game in slow motion should you wish. Meanwhile, the Auto-Play mode means that you can make 25 spins automatically and simply sit back to enjoy the ride. However you choose to play, Slotris is a game of excitement.