In a recent interview published by Famitsu, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia President Hiroshi Kawano has spoken about the potential of the PlayStation 4 and the Asian market.

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Kawaro stated that he has great confidence in the potential of the PS4 and firmly believes that the system will lead to a strong expansion in Asia.

The potential of the Asian market is obviously large, and there’s a promising market there for the future. We’re always looking at Asia and we will continue to seek growth there, where resource management is crucial. Even when you talk to game developers, now they can release simultaneously in Japan and Asia.

When we became “Japan and Asia,” it allowed us to properly develop, present and market ourselves in Asia. The prime example came with the PlayStation Awards 2013 held last December. For the first time we opened the door to voting from Asia. There was really a big reaction. I believe that we’re just getting started, from now on, we’d like to be even more aggressive this year.

But one of the most interesting parts of the interviews was when Kawano talked about the PS4 launch line-up and future games:

We plan to release new games at a regular pace. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will launch in March, produced by Hideo Kojima. After that, even if I can’t disclose them now, we have various games incoming. We’re currently considering how to announce them, so stay tuned.

We don’t know if SCEJA president is only talking about games produced by Sony or whether he’s talking also about games developed by Japanese third party developers.

In any case, The Last Guardian always comes to my mind

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