We are going forward in some points in others I feel strange, I think we are losing our liberty. I mean, the companies want to integrate systems that frame our actions. Always online, no second-hand games, DRM, etc. Sometimes is easier to load a piracy PC game than the original one. The rightful user pays the consequences.

Sony created a new patent against the piracy two years ago. This patent has been published the last week. The tech is real, the rumor is: Would have Sony integrate this patent on PS4? Who knows? If work right, I won’t have any reason to complain.

How would it work?

Insert the media, install it, load it and the system would compare the load time with a Benchmark Load Time. If the load time was in an acceptable threshold range, the system would load the game, if not would block the user.

Sony patent Sony patents a load time tech to block pirate games | VGLeaks 2.0

I have got some questions about the system:

1. Sometimes the consoles take their time to load original games, more than ordinary. Would the system block my user too?

2. In the second step, you have to install the game. Therefore, if you install the game, you could install a copy too (if the piracy methods allow you to do that). What’s the difference between the Original and the Copy? If both are installed in your HDD.

We haven’t got any evidence about the Sony’s intentions with this system. Now, it’s only a patent not a piece or reality. We can’t still relate this rumor to PS4.

Thanks, Neo-GAF.