PS4 is assembled with a HDD of 500GB and 5,400 RPM. That’s not the best tech in order to provide users with games without load times or the fastest installations. This slow hard drive forces publishers to optimize their products.

Sony are hiring for a Sr. Software Engineer. This position will require to the future employee do software maintenance duties and develop storage software on PlayStation systems. Additionally, one of the goals will be optimized load times.

Highlights taken from the open job position:

This position is a key role on the Platform Architecture Group within SCE Worldwide Studios. This person will help maintain, support and develop storage related software for PlayStation systems. You will work with multiple engineering teams within Sony, including other system developers and highly talented game developers. In addition to optimizing game load times from read-only media, the storage systems on PlayStation platforms, you will also support multiple applications and shared use of the underlying storage systems.

Software maintenance and development of storage software on PlayStation systems•
Improve existing PlayStation storage software
Extend BSD based storage, both to improve and support new storage technologies
Integrate BSD enhancements into PlayStation system software
Augment the existing Platform Architecture I/O team

I hope this movement will be translated in future external storage compatibility for PS4.

Thanks, DualShockers.