Psygnosis was founded in 1984, the study programmed truly masterpieces for this industry, but I would like to stand out Barbarian and the excellent Shadow of The Beast. Sony bought Psygnosis in the year 1993 as movement to prepare its PSX to the western market. Psygnosis was renamed to Studio Liverpool years after the Sony’s acquisition. Studio Liverpool was closed on 22 August 2012 by Sony as part of its plan to restructure its business model.

Sony has trademarked “Psygnosis” on 25 September 2013. We shouldn’t relate this trademark with a reborn for Psygnosis, it could be some type of formality to keep “Psygnosis” games under that label.

psygnosis trademark 2 Sony trademarks “Psygnosis” | VGLeaks 2.0

I would like to see Psygnosis on board again, but I would prefer to be cautious about this chance.

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