Sony don’t use to design aggressive new controllers for their systems. The pivotal design of DualShock 1 is still used as a base for the rest of the controllers made for next generations of PlayStation. We can expect a DualShock 5 similar to the fourth iteration.

Wired published and exclusive approach to PS5 some weeks ago. In that article, some features for the new controller were covered and some days ago, Sony filled a new trademark for DualShock 5. The game controller could add four extra buttons on the back, two press buttons and two buttons movable (up and down). The user could extend the length of the grip with the movable bottons. The press bottons could add and improved operability to the player.

Patent design:

0 1 Sony update patent for DualShock 5 | VGLeaks 2.0

We are speaking about a utility patent, so, final design could be different.

Thanks, Letsgodigital.