Microsoft are redefining their strategy with new exclusives, collaborations and agreements, at least, is what we expect from them. Making accessible their first-party games on Xbox Game Pass from day one has been the first movement.

Splash Damage collaborated with The Coalition in the Multiplayer section of Gears of War 4 -and they developed Gears of War: Ultimate Edition as well-. Splash Damage is hiring and the jobs offers demand professionals with cinematic and storyboarding skills:

Cinematic Lead – Gears of War Franchise

As a Cinematic Lead at Splash Damage you will be responsible for planning, directing and delivering high quality in-game cinematics that will tie together gameplay and narrative through realistic acting, compelling action and expressive dialogs.

Storyboard Artist – Gears of War Franchise

Splash Damage is looking for a talented Artist to create cinematic storyboards and concepts to help us build stunning and inspiring art for an upcoming title. You’ll be inspiring the team and helping visualize the narrative while collaborating with the Cinematic Lead to ensure that the visual style and pacing is maintained. You will help to establish the artistic vision for Cinematics and be highly film literate, with a good understanding of layout, composition, sequential drawing and editing.

As a Storyboard artist, you will

Help establish and drive the visual narrative in collaboration with Leads.
Iterate and explore ideas based around the game and narrative design.

These positions could indicate that Splash Damage is developing content for the next Gears of War campaign.

Thanks, Resetera.