Square-Enix could be planning to release another product related with the Final Fantasy VII universe. The company seems to be reluctant to develop -at least for now- a Final Fantasy VII remake, but has filed a trademark for something called “Shinra Company”.

The Shinra Electric Power Company, also known as Shinra Inc. and sometimes spelled Shin-Ra, is a company in the world of Final Fantasy VII. It is primarily a power company, supplying Makoenergy to the world and making electricity efficient and easily available. Shinra also operates in genetic engineering, space exploration, and has a strong military power including the elite group SOLDIER. This military power, combined with their monopoly of Mako energy, gives Shinra a measure of control over the world populace.

image44 Square Enix registers trademark for "Shinra Company" (Final Fantasy VII related?) | VGLeaks 2.0

Could be S-E planning to develop another FF VII spin-off?

Stay tuned.

Source | Siliconera