Lots of trademarks filings in Japan in the past weeks!

Square Enix filed trademarks for several products: “Forspoken,” “A Hero’s Bonds,” and “Nenkon Kihan” were trademarked in Japan on September 24.

Square Enix Trademarks 10 12 20 Square Enix trademarks Forspoken, A Hero’s Bonds in Japan. Bandai Namco trademarks Code Fairy and more... | VGLeaks 2.0

Furthermore, Bandai Namco trademarked “Code Fairy” (both in Japanese and English) one day later, on September 25. On September 29, Code Fairy was also trademarked in Europe.

Sega also did not stand still and filed a trademark for “Korogarina” on September 30.

Stay tuned!

Via | Gematsu