"Star Wars: Attack Squadrons" Domain Names Registered By Disney's LucasFilm


This week Disney registered domain names for a new project in the Star Wars universe titled “Star Wars: Attack Squadrons”.

Obviously we don’t know what kind of project it will be since it could be anything related with the StarWars universe but, of course, it could also be a new video game.

We just need to remember that earlier this year, EA and Disney signed a multi-year agreement for EA to develop Star Wars games. In fact, EA is the registrant of AttackSquadron.com (WHOIS) and AttackSquadron.net (WHOIS). The company has owned the names for years according to WHOIS historical records.

Here are just some of the domain registrations made under LucasFilm:

  • attacksquadron.org (WHOIS)
  • attacksquadron.us (WHOIS)
  • attacksquadrons.org (WHOIS)
  • attacksquadrons.net (WHOIS)
  • attacksquadrons.us (WHOIS)
  • attacksquads.org (WHOIS)
  • attacksquads.net (WHOIS)
  • attacksquads.us (WHOIS)
  • starwarsattacksquadrons.org (WHOIS)
  • starwarsattacksquadrons.net (WHOIS)
  • starwarsattacksquadrons.us (WHOIS)
  • starwarssquad.org (WHOIS)
  • starwarssquad.net (WHOIS)
  • starwarssquad.us (WHOIS)
  • starwarssquadrons.org (WHOIS)
  • starwarssquadrons.net (WHOIS)
  • starwarssquadrons.us (WHOIS)
  • starwarssquads.org (WHOIS)
  • starwarssquads.us (WHOIS)
  • swattacksquadron.org (WHOIS)
  • swattacksquadron.us (WHOIS)
  • swattacksquadrons.org (WHOIS)
  • swattacksquadrons.net (WHOIS)
  • swattacksquadrons.us (WHOIS)

These names were all registered the same day (July 26 2013)

Thanks to Fusible.com