11 600x800 Take a look at the PS Vita promo games | VGLeaks 2.0

When you have to work with videogames, the companies use to send you promo games

. A promo is a promotional copy for the videogame (obvious). If we speak about 360 games, the cover is faded, you got a little mark in the back and the box comes without an instruction booklet.

Sony keep the blu-ray case for their PS3 promo games, the cover is the same that the retail one and you only have an insignificant mark in the back. Both promo discs (PS3/Xbox 360) have got a different design in which you can read that you have got a promotional copy. Nintendo don’t produce promo games, they always send a retail copy to the journalists.

How are the PS Vita promo games? Different, forget the luxury press kits of years ago, Sony send a skimpy sheet of paper with a PSN Store redeem code. I would like to show you one, in this occasion corresponding to Resistance: Burning Skies. To tell you the truth a shitty game.