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We have spoken extensively about an hypothetical release of Mafia III. A year and a half ago, we wrote about Mafia 3 being ‘redone from scratch’, since the game would have been transferred away from 2K Czech, and assigned to a new 2K studio set in San Francisco, headed by Rod Fergusson. 2k Czech members who worked on Mafia 2 would have been integrated into 2k San Francisco, so all the senior/lead staff from Mafia 2 would be, presumably, present in the development of the game.

According to this report, Mafia 3 was expected to be a launch title for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but layoffs in 2K Czech back in 2011 prevented the game to be delivered on schedule.

Then, online retailer Play-Asia listed Mafia III for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Interesting.

Finally, one week ago, publisher Take Two, owner of the Mafia IP registered multiple domains for the game:

Could this mean that the official announcement of Mafia 3 is imminent? We definitely hope so.