Apple’s iTunes multimedia player is used by many people around the world, especially those who have an iPod or iPhone because this tool is essential for syncing Apple gadgets with computers.

iTunes Portable has all the usual options included in installing iTunes (working with libraries, listening to songs and watching movies, syncing iPod, visiting iStore, …), but with the great advantage of being able to transfer and perform all actions on your chosen computer, without installation.

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The Best Features and Specificities of iTunes Portable

iTunes is a program for listening to music, with which you can create playlists, burn audio CDs, and convert your music into various formats. This software product has won the hearts of a truly huge number of music lovers, but in addition to performing its main functions, it will provide you with additional opportunities to work with radio, video files, the option to watch movie trailers and, of course, the ability to convert the entire contents of your music library multimedia formats.

Representing one of the most significant design updates in the history of Apple’s software, iTunes Portable has acquired a completely new user interface that emphasizes the graphical presentation of the content, as compared to traditional list views, and with the help of a new mini player, and much closer integration with iCloud and the iTunes Store. As with any iTunes update, there were a few small changes throughout the program, and the good news is that despite the completely redesigned user interface, iTunes Portable remains as user-friendly and recognizable as previous versions. Functions that many people feared would be lost remained intact, and although a significant redesign is not just a change in the display pattern, significant internal changes, the player has not lost its classic functionality.

Despite significant changes to the version, installing iTunes Portable is surprisingly simple; what is required is downloading the installation file through the Apple Software Update, the Mac App Store, or click the Update button within iTunes. The first time you run a program, it will take a few minutes to update your database library, and then you are pretty much ready to go. The library update process is relatively fast, less than 10 minutes, even with the largest iTunes libraries, although perhaps an additional update occurs in the background after that. Installing and using iTunes Portable is a really simple and versatile solution to an issue that is acute for every user of modern computers: it will allow you to handle all your multimedia data most simply and conveniently, and will not require you to have special computer skills, which will be your best assistant in this task!

The peculiarity of the version of iTunes Portable is that the basic version of iTunes when installing a software package fills your system with a variety of associated drivers, services and options that the average user doesn’t need to use a home computer. Therefore, we can safely recommend to the average user the installation of the portable version of the software package, since this solution is optimal and the subsequent removal of the program in the future will not cause you any trouble associated with the removal of all iTunes-related side services and drivers.

Main Advantages and Disadvantages


  •       A huge simplification for any user in working with his multimedia files.
  •       Intuitive interface and ease of use of the program by an ordinary user.
  •       Having the ability to view both video and television shows through special built-in services
  •       Multiband equalizer;
  •       Sound visualization;
  •       Creating “smart” listening lists;
  •       Coding without pauses and overlay;
  •       Normalization of the volume level and much more, including a very good sound player;
  •       Convenient interface;
  •       The ability to copy songs to the memory of the portable player Apple iPod.


  •       Some of the functions of the program are cut out for its portability and simplicity.
  •       Some of the services available to the user are paid.