Nintendo Switch has definitely been out for a while now, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the games you play, does it? There are many new games getting released every month or so, and it is just a case of identifying which ones are worth the splurge or not. Therefore, we have gathered the best performing games of the moment, that you should give a second look to and consider for your future gaming.

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 What are the best Switch games?

Below we have a list of a variety of genres that you can explore. If you are a more before bed gamer and want something relaxing to help you settle, Animal Crossing is definitely one worth considering looking into. If you are looking for something more fast paced and on the go, Final Fantasy, amongst others, is your go-to. Each game listed below will provide you with different mood fillers, so it’s worth looking into more than one.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Starting with slower paced and relaxing titles, we have Animal Crossing here to fill in for the vacancy. Animal Crossing has long been a favourite Nintendo game, and has had many versions and editions hit DS, Wii and of course Switch. If you have been there since the beginning, getting into this release will definitely not be hard at all to adapt to. The advancements from other titles to this is that everything you do will build a score of experience points, that can be cashed in later. So, if you are fishing, building furniture, catching bugs and even talking to your neighbours, you will get Nook Miles to help you later on. The concept of building your town still applies, with a few upgrades of what you are able to do. You have first-hand responsibility of preparing plots of land for new residents of your island, alongside getting the inventory of furniture that they need prepared.

The game is super laid back, and you can go at your own pace, so guaranteed you will definitely keep on coming back day-in, and day-out to make the tropical island of your dreams.

Pokemon Sword and Shield 

Who has not heard of Pokémon? Well if you were particularly fond of the Diamond, Pearl etc. This game is on the same tracks and style, meaning it’s perfect for you playing on the go, or when you want to relax and settle in bed. There have been reviews that have said people were disappointed with this game, but in reality, you do get everything you expect and want when playing Pokémon as a trainer. Here, you will be exploring the Galar region, which has been inspired by the City of London, just in case you were wondering why it feels familiar. While the graphics are not as interactive as we want too, it certainly is a step up from the other previous game console releases like 3DS. The game gives you significant evolutions that you can witness with your own Pokémon, just make sure you look out for the wild areas where the wild Pokémon lurk in the shadows!

Oh, and by the way, if you are reminiscing about the old days of Diamond and Pearl, good news, they have officially been announced for a remake on Switch, and will be released on November 19. You will be able to revisit the Sinnoh region, sooner than you think…

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

This is a game that calls for those that remember playing the 1993 edition on the Game Boy. Having been reworked, you will still see the original games dungeons and puzzles that you need to surpass-just expect more vibrancy and fun with it basically. The structure of the game is pretty close to the original, they just added some sweet features to give back to you the player, that has probably been one to support from the beginning. You can create your own dungeons, as well as be hands-on when it comes to the Zelda action that you are used to. This game is certainly one adventure you do not want to miss, and it allows you to walk down memory lane a bit too, which is never a bad thing.

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Streets of Rage 4

This glorious game brings together the old memories of the earlier editions by Sega. You will find this new sequel modernises the older games and brings on new settings that Axel and Blaze can punch their way through. You will find that your gang will have been expanded with new incomers called Cherry and Flloyd. The city which you will masterfully battle through and make your way across, is Wood Oak City, and you will be able to use Nintendo Online to locally source some players to add to your gang, as you move on your mission.

Stardew Valley 

Stardew Valley is another title that you cannot miss. Why? Because like Animal Crossing, this game puts you in the role of doing up your thriving farm. While the concept may seem pretty simple at first, you will find that in a click of your fingers and just like that 3 hours have gone by and you don’t know how. While the graphics are of a pixel style, there is no shortage of things to do here when you play. In addition to this, you will build relationships with the surrounding townspeople who live near you, and grow relationships with them in terms of making crops sales and landing a huge payday. In addition to this, you will explore the vibrant area and explore the mysterious mines that are just off the course of your serene looking farm. Adventure awaits as they say, and with Stardew Valley you get just what you are looking for.

Heaven’s Vault 

Heaven’s Vault is a game where you will be checking in on the archaeological prominence of the surrounding land that you are situated in. An adventure game at its core, you will explore the ruins of the region of Nebula. The freedom you have as a player is exciting and creative, especially when you go from digging and excavating, to translating texts and tablets retrieved on your daily digs. Each path and avenue you go down, will open up new avenues of storylines that the game has attached, so the potential is vast really, which makes the game all the more exciting to explore. 

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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity 

Zelda fans listen out, we have another one here for you. This game is a prequel essentially and will show you the entire world and what was, before chaos befell it. The adventure is taken with you playing as Link, and you can go across all the Kingdom, playing as different heroes and characters of the game, which is pretty neat if we say so ourselves. You will take on all the armies that are controlled by the Calamity Ganon, alongside hitting up some battle grounds that are all across Hyrule. Each battlefield will come with objectives that you need to meet, to allow you to thrash your enemies and bring some restoration of peace along the way.