Mobile gaming is unbelievably popular right now, with more people than ever before choosing to play their favourite titles on their iPhones. Mobile gaming is starting to take over the industry, and with iPhone’s capable of producing unrivalled gaming experiences, it comes as no surprise that there’s a huge demand for quality content. With Christmas on the horizon, we’ve picked out some must have iPhone gaming apps to play before 2018 is over.

Pokémon Go

We kick off this list with a game which dropped in 2016. Pokémon Go brought Augmented Reality to the forefront of mobile gaming, with the latest handsets really geared up for Augmented Reality action going forward. Pokémon Go was a phenomenon when it was released, taking the world by storm, and with Pokémon Let’s Go out for the Nintendo Switch things have got even better. The two games can be linked, to provide players with the ultimate Pokémon experience.

mFortune Bingo

Bingo is loved by millions of people around the globe, with A list celebrities such as Robbie Williams taking a keen interest too. Bingo is a relaxing game which has a brilliant social aspect to it, and mFortune’s Bingo app is by far and away the best out there. The app is easy to use, superb visually and there are some huge jackpots to be won too. There’s also a 100% match bonus for new players too, so if bingo is your thing, this is certainly the app to download and install today.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was a superb game on console and PC, and now iPhone users have the chance to play the game on the go, enjoying a good dose of nostalgia in the process. The game has been completely remastered and enhanced for mobile and includes over 70 hours of gameplay. It’s a game that will see players immediately immersed in San Andreas life as they take on the role of Carl Johnson once again, as he returns to Grove Street after some time away.

Alto’s Odyssey

Many iPhone user’s will have enjoyed the brilliant Alto’s Adventure, with Alto’s Odyssey being the sequel. The latest release sees Alto swap locations, going from snowy mountains to a desert setting, with players once again able to experience one of the best infinite runner games of all time. There are opportunities to sand-board across and above some idyllic locations, in what is an easy to learn, difficult to master title. It’s a must play game that has it all, with surely another release to come.


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Battle Royale games have taken over, especially on console and PC. Fortnite is probably one of the best and most popular Battle Royale game out there, and it’s finally made its way to mobile. Fortnite is known for being fun, with a great selection of weapons and a brilliant building aspect. As long as user’s have an internet connection, they’ll be able to face off against 99 other people in a race to be the last man standing that is sure to get the adrenaline pumping. The iPhone really does the game justice in terms of visuals and gameplay.