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This calendar year is drawing to a close and it is the time of year when we get all reflective to remember the moments that defined the last 12 months. Here is a look at the top online games that had an impact on the market in 2015.


It is the biggest sports computer game franchise in the world and continues to dominate the market in its third decade of production. EA Sports released their 2015 instalment of the FIFA series at the back end of 2014 but the game went on to enjoy huge success over the past year.

The opportunity it gave players the chance to build their dream squad in the Ultimate Team game play plus play fellow FIFA players in the online leagues helped to create an online community that is unrivalled in other sports games. FIFA 2016, the newest version of the game was released in September 2015 and is now available for purchase in easports.com.

League of Legends

This free-to-play multiplayer online game was originally released back in 2009 and was developed by Riot Games. The premise of the game involves players taking control of a “champion” that has special abilities battling in a team of other “champions” against rival teams.

The number of players playing this game has reached unprecedented levels with 67 million people playing every month. Online gaming platform Raptr.com released information showing that League of Legends took up 25.3% of playing time on the platform. The next highest was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with 7.29%.

French Roulette

Roulette is a casino game classic but predominantly it is the European roulette and American roulette variations that gain the most attention at online casinos across the market. Players tend to like to stick to what they know.

However, French roulette at roulettepractice.com has brought this lesser acknowledge variation of roulette into the main stream. It brings sublime graphics, slick game play, and an easy-to-understand layout to offer a game that is equally appealing to old players and new.


Developed by Mojang, Minecraft has revolutionized online gaming since its release back in 2011. It requires players to construct objects and worlds, using textured cubes in what is essentially a 3D sandbox world.

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Players can become involved in different aspects of the Minecraft world such as survival mode, adventure mode, creative mode, and spectator mode. Its wide release on both the online and mobile platforms helped its popularity to sky rocket and become somewhat of a cult phenomenon over the following few years with 2015 being a massive year for the game once again.


It was the big branded online slot released by Microgaming during 2015. This slot is based on the hit 2011 movie of the same name. Players are treated to the film’s characters being present on the reels and even seeing clips from the film during different bonus features.

It has a 105,000 coin jackpot that players can win with 10 free spins also up for grabs in a number of the features that can be triggered through the bonus wheel round. Stacked Wilds that can appear during these features also add an element of intensity to the game play.