The existence of The Last of Us Remastered was unveiled through different leaks before to any official confirmation. Sony made official the rumors and presented this project along a short video with just 10 seconds of footage, the rest was a summary of different comments about the quality of The Last of Us did by some media.

It seems that Sony wasn’t ready to discover The Last of Us Remastered at that moment. Sony just gave this information upon the release date of this product: Fall 2014. Some retailers listed The Last of Us Remastered on June 20. It’s important to say that three different stores posted in their websites the same release date for TLOS Remastered (Best Buy, Target and Best Buy).

2506189 screenshot2014 04 15at10.10.34am 600x285 The Last of Us Remastered releases June 20 (according retailers) | VGLeaks 2.0

That’s an appropriate date to commercialize that game, during those months there are less releases than other periods, so, it could be a manner to reduce dry times.

Thanks, MP1ST.