The Order: 1886 has been the trending topic in the game industry for the last two weeks. A game that has divided gamers about its quality and its cinematic features melted with the gameplay mechanics.

A possible sequel would focus on the gameplay. Apparently, it’s the wish of Ready at Dawn. Once they have established the technical core of this franchise, they could dedicate more time to expand the playable parts and add more features to the gameplay mechanics.

Shinobi602, a well-known insider, stated the following in reference to this matter:

“They’re about 120-130 employees there. Not exactly small, but not huge either. From the conversations I’ve had, they spent a huge amount of time perfecting the engine for this initial installment. Time constraints came into play, goals slashed, but that’s not really uncommon in development.

However, what has me most excited is that the main focus in a possible sequel are the gameplay systems. That’s what was stated to me. The engine is in place and they’re free to put all their efforts into gameplay design. And they want to do this, it isn’t a result of any backlash over The Order’s design, they as a team want that. By no means do they think the game’s perfect as it is.

I’m not saying that a successor has already been given the green light, but I can tell you that it certainly will not take 3 years “.

Will The Order: 1886 sell enough to green-light a sequel?

Thanks, Neo-GAF.