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Sony is ashamed and Rockstar disappointed for GTA V. If you have been abroad or a rat had eaten your Ethernet cable and you hadn’t got access to internet in the last few days, you should know something: GTA V has been leaked, but the game is not executable (yet). A series of videos and details were leaked upon GTA V. Rockstar and Sony have been working hard to delete all the leaked material spread along the internet. We would like to share with you one of these videos, this video is hidden under different fake names in Youtube. Warning, this video should be considered a spoiler about GTA V. If you don’t want to unveil certain details before the official release of the game, won’t watch it.

The Underbelly of Paradise shows the returning of the street gangs on GTA V. It’s a TV Documentary Series that represents the street life on GTA V. All the dust that you would prefer to keep under the rug. For the last time, this video contents spoilers:

Thanks to RespawnCake for the tip.

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