A gamer’s experience is increasingly influenced by themes within action video games. Themes not only affect the subject matter of a game, but how it is played. Action video games have a variety of themes, ranging from fantasy to racing. These can encompass major franchises, styles of game-play, and story lines. They shape what the player-world will be like along with the overall experience of the game. In fact, the best themes are now integral to playing action video games. They are part of a larger universe that players become a part of. Read on to learn about top themes in action video games. 

First Person Shooters

First person shooters are still one of the most popular themes in action video games. Shooters revolve around the players engaging in action with the goal of taking out as many enemies as possible. These themes usually involve war. World War II is one of the most popular. Companies take note of this and have created multiple iterations of the European Theater. Though horror shooters like Doom have maintained popularity since the theme’s inception, most first person shooters are war themed. As games continue to evolve, first person shooters will remain one of the most popular themes in gaming history. 

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Role Based Fantasy

Fantasy is one of the widest theme ranges for games. It is widely popular and diverse. They are also the most common. Settings can include steampunk and sword and sorcery. These games usually revolve around the hero’s journey. Players engage in quests that either save or doom the world. The Witcher series is one of the most popular series in gaming history. Skyrim was also so popular that it was re-released as a special edition when Microsoft launched the Xbox One. Given the wide range of worlds it can create, fantasy continues to be one of the richest themes in video games. 

Marvel Superheroes

The Marvel Superhero universe is one of the biggest franchises in the world. This franchise has created some of the most popular games in the industry. This includes children’s games like Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Older gamers also love Marvel. Many have been fans since the original Spiderman trilogy, which was the basis for the award winning Spider Man 2. Marvel games range from first person open world to fighting games like Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The Marvel Universe is one of the most expansive settings in gaming history. Gamers will continue to benefit from the vast options it offers. 

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Underworld Franchises

Underworld video games offer one of the largest narrative themes available. Players can be either criminals or detectives. You can cause mayhem in Grand Theft Auto or solve a crime in LA Noire. Crime themes have been incorporated into multiple major franchises. For example, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate uses the same game-play created in the original games, but adds taking over the Victorian Underworld as the objective. In other games, you can run your own casino, play NetBet blackjack and use your cash to buy upgrades within the gam. These games let you release yourself from the day-to-day drudgery of a law-abiding citizen, and immerse you in the cops and robbers games we all played as children.

Car Racing

Car racing has been a steadfast of action video games since the ’80s. Everyone can remember a racing game that they have enjoyed. They are the epitome of a friendly competition. Whether it’s Mario Kart or Nascar, this theme usually lets multiple players engage on the same console. Though it can take some time to master the more difficult tracks, racing games are the easiest to learn. They have a straightforward play and can be found on any console. Racing keeps it simple: the fastest car wins. 

Even though action video games continue to expand into new themes, these five will always remain a staple of most gamers’ collection. First person shooters are for the war action seekers. Fantasy lets you take the hero’s journey to either save or doom a world. Marvel Superheroes places the powers of one of the most popular franchises at your fingertips. Racing is a tried but true theme that unites players across ages. Meanwhile, crime-themed games offer players a chance to enter the underworld or bring justice to criminals. Technology is changing how we play games, but action video games will remain as long as people seek escapism. When picking your next game, consider the themes above as starting points to find your next addiction.