With all of the hype over the ultra-secretive new Nintendo device and the ground-breaking PlayStation VR, it’s often easy to forget about the main attraction – the games! So here’s a run-down of the top five gaming genres along with examples from the world of shoot-em-ups and casino games to get you gaming with added inspiration.

Massively multiplayer online games vgleaks 1024x511 Top five gaming genres | VGLeaks 2.0 In the past few years MMO games have pretty much taken over the gaming landscape. Thanks to the pioneering work of titles like World of Warcraft, there’s now a massive range of titles that take full advantage of the large amounts of players who simultaneously play role-playing titles such as League of Legends, as well as MMO first-person-shooters like the hugely-hyped Destiny.

First person shooters 21760382790 5f3ba0c65e o 1024x576 Top five gaming genres | VGLeaks 2.0 The fact that Destiny made the leap into MMO glory is just another example of how the FPS genre has evolved from primitive and brutal games of Doom to advanced next-gen titles such as Call of Duty III: Black Ops. And with the likes of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided expected to deliver yet another triumph for the FPS genre later this summer, it’s a gaming format that’s showing no signs of going away.

Casino games 8620833644 b5dd2deefa b Top five gaming genres | VGLeaks 2.0 Away from the ultra-violent world of the FPS, a more adult gaming pleasure has emerged with the rise of the online casino site. There’s been a wave of sites such as Betway appearing on the internet with more people playing blackjack online now than in the real-life counterpart that perhaps is a testament to the rising genre’s increased convenience, playing options and payouts.

Adventure survival games maxresdefault 1024x576 Top five gaming genres | VGLeaks 2.0 It seems that we also can’t get enough of the feeling of being alone in a hostile environment, as there seems to be an endless range of adventure survival games out there that expect the gamer’s ingenuity to overcome the odds. From striking horror titles like The Last of Us to the massively-anticipated No Man’s Sky, it seems that the basic task of staying alive is enough for most modern gamers.

Sporting games

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And much like the online casinos have sought to emulate the traditional table games, many of our more successful gaming titles of recent years are sporting simulators. From EA Sports’ range of simulations that includes the stunning FIFA 16, to the hugely enjoyable Wii Sports games on the Nintendo, it’s further proof that sometimes the oldest games are the best.