Each MMO game and project from Blizzard World of Warcraft in the classic version has its own types of players – gamers who seek their pleasure from various activities in the game.

What types of players are:

  • RMT
  • Nolifers
  • PVP players
  • Merchants
  • Ambitious leader


A special kind of player that other gamers have a special relationship with. Someone is neutral, and someone thinks that they spoil all the main ideas of the game and devalue other people’s work and achievements.

RMT are players who buy and sell game valuables and gold in World of Warcraft Classic for real money.

This is a special cast of players who want to get all the fun from the game at the maximum level, enjoy PVP and difficult raids already in top-end equipment and not waste time on leveling up. They pay for boosters and buy game currency by clicking here and go to a trusted site with good prices and experienced boosters and go to the most interesting content.

There are weapons and armor that have a strong superiority in power relative to other equipment, but they get in difficult raids, or are crafted at a significant time cost and require a huge amount of resources. Such unique things are always very expensive in the game market and are not even always on sale, since top guilds either do not sell them or buy them for game gold to equip their members.

But often there are players who want to earn good money and put up such goods for sale either for in-game gold or for real currency, which is what RMT players use.


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These are the players who take great pleasure in the process of pumping. They spend hours, days and months on wotlk classic boost. Their character must be of the highest level, equipped with the best armor and weapons. A mid-level guild is not enough for them – they create or join the best and most promising guild on the server.

The main distinguishing feature of such players is that they are constantly online. Nolifer will upgrade the character anytime and anywhere, if for some reason he cannot upgrade himself, and he needs to move away – he will definitely set up a macro gaming mouse and the character will still receive his experience.

Nolifers are ideal clients for merchant players – as soon as you get a unique equipment, or weapon, or any other status item that can be sold and transferred to another player, a nolifer will buy it, for almost any money.

True, the game is quite difficult to keep such players. The project must constantly evolve and become more complex, but without fanaticism. It’s one thing to add new hundred levels, and another to increase the pointless pumping, which is achieved in a few months.

Nolifers are ready to leave the project, even if they have invested many months of their time into it. Sell ​​or give away equipment and never return, and if they return, it will not be difficult for them to start all over again.

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PVP players

This type of gamer is looking for fights in any project they come to. Such players choose games where PVP plays a key role and attack other players under any pretext.

WoW, classic fits PVP like no other – here you can always meet a player of the opposing race in the process of leveling and completing quests, there are always conflicts for the best places to kill mobs and encouragement for such behavior.

If a player kills a representative of an enemy faction of his level or higher, he receives a special PVP medal, which can be exchanged for special equipment and weapons with increased characteristics to fight other players.

Such players always challenge allied factions to duel and attack enemies indiscriminately.

In fact, for players who are looking for fights and battles with good rewards, there are always arena battles and massive battles for control of the lands as motivation.

In both cases, efforts are rewarded with special signs, for which you can also get good equipment and weapons with an attribute that increases damage in battles with other players.


This is a special type of players who pursue the goals of enrichment in game universes. They don’t care about PVP and leveling, they don’t care about difficult raids. They are interested in trading and owning unique items that they can always resell.

Such players most often have several game clients and subscriptions to run the game several times to buy and sell various resources and various equipment.

Merchants willingly buy all the things of players who leave the project for various reasons – they often offer a lower price, but they immediately buy out all the positions they sell, many agree.

After that, all goods are sent for resale at a higher cost.

The most cunning and active merchants often have one of the best equipment on the server, and at the same time they may never even be in a raid or a dungeon, or even go hunting.

Some players even discover the gift of a trader in themselves thanks to online games and after the project successfully launch their business, adopting the basic mechanics and principles of the market, the influence of money and the understanding that you can get by with a small amount of capital to start.

Ambitious leader

Such players come to game projects to create the best guild on the server, or to gather a strong group for PVP and raids – to realize themselves as a leader in any manifestation of this word.

Leader players do not get along with competitors and are looking for a way to realize themselves, often through a guild. It turns out, of course, not for everyone, but WoW Classic provides a good platform for organizing groups and guilds with the ability to seize dominance on the server with sufficient effort.

Becoming the leader of the guild that first destroyed the boss in a difficult raid is a deliberate dream of many leaders who come to World of Warcraft.