Just two months ago we wrote on VGLeaks that Ubisoft could be developing a new Splinter Cell video game.

At the time we said that we didn’t know if this new Splinter Cell title would be developed for consoles or for other devices, but it seems that we are finally starting to hear rumours that could shed some light on the matter.

Ubisoft filed a trademark on December 6th for a new Splinter Cell game on Justia Trademarks:

Entertainment services, namely, providing an on-line computer game for others over global and local area computer networks; Entertainment services, namely, continuing television programs and interactive television programs featuring comedy, drama, live-action, and animation, broadcast over television, satellite, audio, and video media; presentation of live stage show performances, presentation of live show performances by costumed characters, and presentation of live theatrical performances; production and distribution of television shows and motion pictures;

After that, Tom Henderson mentioned on his Twitter that this new Splinter Cell will focus on an open world, somewhat similar to Halo Infinite, so this could mean the game is being developed, finally, for consoles after 10 years of absence.

Stay tuned.

Via | Games Radar