Call it synergy, or a cross-over but video games and wagering go hand in hand. On both these entertainment platforms, you will find a piece of the other, such as a slot machine based on your favorite video game.

In recent years, casino games have increased their efforts with better graphics and significant playability. Video game technology has also been on the up and up, and within the storyline, or as part of a mini-game; you’ll come across casino features.

Engaging Video Game Action Coupled With Casino Entertainment

To make games more engaging and enjoyable, video game developers have always implicitly drawn on casino concepts. Video games that have casino features let you earn rewards like increased points or offer opportunities to quickly level up.

It will be interesting to see if video games ever incorporate online casinos in their games, like this online casino South Africa where you can play their games in a video game.

Video gaming adventures with realistic visuals and elements of casino gambling that offer enticing entertainment for players include:

GTA Online

Since the video game launched back in 2013, players have been looking to get into the GTA online casino. Recently, the opening soon sign outside the Diamond Casino & Resort establishment in Los Santos was replaced.

Amid fan theories, rumors, and heresies saying it was just a cruel ruse, the GTA Online Casino staged a gala launch. After the grand opening, which saw the Vinewood area transformed, players were able to enter the casino and obtain playing chips by trading in their GTA$.

You can play table games including roulette, baccarat, and poker while sampling the wide range of popular slot machines.

The Diamond Casino and Resort also gives players online gambling perks and a luxury penthouse that can be bought with GTA cash.

Rockstar games introduced casino features in GTA san Andreas, incorporating gambling into the action storyline. Playing casino games was used as a means of improving the protagonist’s skill levels.

Red Dead Redemption 2

From Rockstar Games, the makers of GTA comes a video game with casino features. Red Dead Redemption 2 follows after the first installment, which featured Texas Hold Em Poker and dice game named Liars Dice.

In red dead redemption 1, you could cheat on poker and get away with it. If you got caught hiding aces up your sleeve, a shootout was inevitable; exchanging hot lead with nefarious gunmen to settle differences.

This trend continues unabated in red dead redemption 2, where alongside liar’s dice, players can take part in blackjack and variants of poker.

Some non-tradition casino features make an appearance, like Horseshoes, an old barnyard classic. You can also attempt Five Finger Fillet, stabbing a knife repeatedly between your outstretched fingers on the wooden table.

A game of arm wrestling would not miss in the eclectic theme of an old western frontier town casino full of burly lawmen and slinky outlaws.

The Witcher III

Released in 2015, witcher 3 involves magical beasts, witches, and ancient weaponry of folklore. This video game with casino features is armed with stupendous graphics, an enticing storyline, and compelling playability.

In witcher 3, you’ll come across a card game names Gwent, and you can take a break from slaying demons to play some poker. Casino features in this game allow your character to take shortcuts through the game levels and settings.

The objective of Gwent in Witcher 3 is to play cards and cast spells that reward you with points while fortifying your deck.

Seen as a benchmark for video games that have casino features, witcher 3 and its Gwent spawn are intertwined. This video game‘s mini-challenge poker gambling is available online, on X-box and PlayStation.

Fallout: New Vegas

Any video game with Vegas in its title must be incorporating casino gambling in its theme. This is true for Fallout: New Vegas which is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where the casino establishments follow no rules.

Six casinos in Fallout: New Vegas offer gambling games such as roulette, blackjack, slots, poker, and a game called a caravan. Rewards include some components that increase a player’s luck, helping your character find ways out of tricky situations.

You can also move from one casino to the other as part of the overall plot, which involves searching for a package lost during an ambush. Exit the Atomic Wrangler Casino but be wary of thieves, and maybe you’ll find better blackjack odds at The Tops or Gomorrah Casino.


You can expect to see more development in video games that have casino features as more titles incorporate slots, card and table games. Video game designers develop new offerings based on player’s favorites, and gambling themes continue to be capitalized on for their popularity.