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Gaming and gambling seem to be going through this overlapping phase recently, which isn’t bad at all. Today, it’s easy to find games that add gambling elements that enrich the user experience. Poker is particularly common in this niche because it’s the most renowned casino game that many people already know well.

However, we do understand that certain gambling traditionalists still prefer the standard variants of their favorite games. For instance, Hungary has an enormous player base with users who tend to gamble without any video game additions whatsoever. They just check the online casino rating to find trustworthy websites in their country. It’s a cool option for non-gamers who focus on poker (or any other casino game) exclusively.

On the other hand, there are excellent combinations available for gamers as well. We picked four of those that you are going to love.

Prominence Poker

Number one is a no brainer that you ought to be aware of already. We are talking about Prominence Poker, a game that adds noir-inspired ambiance to high-stakes poker sessions. It all takes place in the city of Prominence (a fictional city, just to be clear) where you’ll find a surprisingly rich underground gambling scene.

You get to tailor your own fictional character that later goes from one poker tournament to another. Though a video game, Prominence Poker requires lots of skills if you want to succeed there:

        You must know the art of bluffing

        It is important to read opponents well

        You have to make timely and strategic decisions

The best thing is that all poker variants are welcome in Prominence. If you excel at one version, don’t expect to beat everyone easily in all tournaments – you will have to work for your meal when it comes to alternative versions of poker.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 doesn’t look like a poker-related title at first. It takes place in the American Wild West where you have to go through countless adventures in order to get to the end. But gambling comes with Western saloons, and you ought to play at least a few rounds while hanging out over there.

The thing we appreciate the most about poker in Red Dead Redemption is the sheer realism of the game. Its attention to detail is truly mind-bending because you get to see some authentic animations and lifelike card movements. What’s more, it features facial expressions that really capture the tension inherent to the game.

The character portfolio is extremely diverse. It looks like developers made sure to develop in-game characters with unique personalities as well as gambling styles. You get to meet all sorts:

        Grizzled outlaws

        Charming conmen

        Pro gamblers


Such a versatile combination makes your gaming sessions in Red Dead Redemption 2 look incredibly realistic.

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PokerStars VR

You can tell by the name that PokerStars VR takes the game to a higher level using virtual reality. Texas Hold’em is the main variant here, but you can try other options as well. Socialization is the key in PokerStars VR since you get to play against other users from all over the world.

Everything looks incredibly realistic (courtesy of VR) with details that seem as if we are really in a smoky underground shelter for poker aficionados. However, that doesn’t mean you will always gamble in the same location – there are lots of options to change the gaming environment:

        Exclusive penthouses

        Casual beachfront locales

        Shady bars

        Casual in-house sessions

This is something that many other video games lack – a diversity that leaves no room for being bored or fed up with the same old gambling environments. Top of Form

Poker Night at the Inventory

Poker Night at the Inventory invites players to a uniquely entertaining poker experience set in the secret backroom of a mysterious speakeasy. This is the Telltale Games’ title featuring a humorous twist that makes the overall ambiance somewhat more relaxed compared to other options on the list.

For instance, you can end up seated at the table with characters such as Max from Sam & Max, Strong Bad from Homestar Runner, The Heavy from Team Fortress 2, or even Tycho Brahe from Penny Arcade.

The game not only challenges players’ card-playing skills but also delivers a constant stream of witty banter and hilarious interactions between the characters. As the chips are pushed and the cards are dealt, Poker Night at the Inventory stands out for its fusion of poker strategy and pop culture references.

It’s a Fruitful Offer – Take Your Pick

With that said, it’s easy to conclude that you have plenty to choose from. These titles include poker in many variants that can suit diverse gambling affinities. Your only task is to choose carefully and enjoy your video game poker sessions.