The gambling industry has never shied away from embracing innovative technology –  especially when it could be seen to advance and enhance a player’s experience.

When the internet came to prominence gamblers slowly but surely moved away from high street gambling to enjoy the convenience of this virtual online alternative.

Several years later the mobile market and the rise in the popularity of mobile-based gaming has meant that online gambling has grown and grown even further reaching a whole new audience of potential players ranging in age on truly a global scale.

In fact, many of the most popular forms of gambling have now been developed for the online and mobile markets.

Whether it’s casino-based gaming, bingo, sportsbook betting, live in-play betting, nearly every major gambling outlet has been transformed by technology.

It has made accessing gaming quicker and more convenient for anyone who owns a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or other advanced gaming platforms that are compatible on various wearables and other innovative game-based devices.

And just when you think that the industry has pushed the boundaries as far as they could developers create something even more impressive and immersive for the gaming public.

Virtual reality has been the subject of many technology related developments over the years but it has taken some time to perfect the concept and only last year saw truly began to see the rise of the VR-gaming age.

This immersive gaming experience allows the user to lose their senses within a fully surrounding virtual environment. Typically employing the use of special head-mounted displays there are now plenty of VR gaming headsets available for consumers to buy so they can enjoy gaming on a whole new level.

Whilst it should have been a VR explosion in 2016 the technology, as incredible as it is, failed to really make significant waves in the market, mostly due to price and the lack of accessible VR-based games available in the marketplace at the time.

However, it’s a technology that will continue to grow and evolve and one that will make considerable leaps over the next few years.

The versatility of VR technology is astonishing. Imagine being taken directly into the heart of the action of the latest action-based first person shooter or experiencing the likes of Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty as if you were really there interacting with characters and the virtual environment around you.

And it’s the gambling industry that has stepped straight in to find ways in which this impressive piece of tech can once more transform its gaming output. Seen as a step-up from virtual games like online roulette, it’s already taking the live dealer option one step further by providing VR players with the opportunity to make them feel like they are really sitting in an actual casino.