While long video games can offer excellent value for money, it is important to note that the length of a game does not solely determine its quality. Some developers of these lengthy games may have a different perspective. For example, the duration of a video game is not governed by a strict rule; exceptional games come in various lengths. There are remarkably shorter games that can be completed in a few hours and enjoyed in a single sitting. On the other hand, there are also extraordinary titles that can provide hours upon hours of gameplay. So, what are the longest of them?

Gran Turismo 4

As a rule, video games that are connected to various races do not have their end if to look from a technical perspective. They have a common competition that repeats from round to round. But Gran Turismo 4 is an exception. It has a logical conclusion, especially if we compare it to other racing games. So, how does it end? Actually, it is not about a narrative finish. You can just open the credit when you win the main championship in this game. Similar to that when you finish a registration at Ricky Casino Australia you get access to head-spinning benefits.

However, if you have a desire to unlock this perk you should be ready to play while 79 hours. Keep it in mind.

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

This game shows a farm world that offers a unique feature: it actually has a definitive ending. The story kicks off with you playing as a kid, but as you progress, you inherit and become an owner of a farm. Throughout the game, you will need to develop and expand your farm, while also nurturing relationships with the local community.
You even have the option to get married and start a family. The outcome of the game, which is reached after approximately 81 hours, depends on the choices you make in terms of your relationships and farm development. Given the game’s storyline that spans multiple years, the extensive gameplay duration is understandable.


Here you will become a truck driver who will have a trip through bad weather and a lot of dangerous aspects to deliver all the goods. Of course, you must deliver only specific things to certain locations.

Every contract that you take will be one of the key missions that are different due to their difficulty. To play the game to the end you need nearly 93 hours if believe to various reviews. A little secret for you. If you read such guidelines be sure that you read trusted ones like rickycasino.co/review.

Monster Hunter

In this game, your goal is to seek various monsters. The majority of the missions here center around defeating various types of creatures. Some missions involve hunting down and killing huge beasts, while others require eliminating smaller monsters, which tend to appear in larger numbers. Although the game lacks a substantial storyline, you can still complete it by dealing with all the missions, a task that usually takes approximately 99 hours, depending on your skills.

Kerbal Space Program

Truly speaking, it is a question of whether this game is long or short because it actually does not have an understandable ending. You will take part in a space lineup to send green individuals into space utilizing the means of transport that you create. And the number of such expeditions is unlimited.

However, there is a contract that requires you to undertake a special challenge. For certain players, it represents the ultimate test to prove that they have successfully completed the game.