Sports betting is not legal in all states of America, and even then, there is a difference between betting on something like the NBA compared to an e-sport. eSports is a newer term that not everyone understands and relates to organised and competitive video game play. While the games might be sports-based, they do not have to be, so some of the most popular games to bet on include League of Legends, Call of Duty and Fortnite. This might be slightly confusing as these are not sports in the traditional sense, but eSports is the term used and betting on these games when they are streamed is enormous.

How Can You Access e-Sports Betting?

Online bookmakers are the best bet for accessing eSports betting, and you will find plenty of online information, including instructions on how to use BetMGM NJ app and others like it. In the USA, esport betting is legal in a handful of states: New Jersey, Nevada, West Virginia, and Tennessee. It is regulated and therefore not illegal in some states, but restrictions will apply. These include Arkansas, Delaware, New York, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Rhode Island, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. Even the biggest bookmakers cannot operate in states where sports betting, including e-Sports, is illegal as the legislation for this form of entertainment is decided by the state itself.

Getting Started in e-Sports

Before anything else, you should check the betting laws of the state you live in. It is essential to understand whether it is legal, regulated or against the law. Once you have established that you are able to bet on e-Sports, the next thing to do is find a reputable bookmaker online. As well as being licensed by the correct gambling commission for the state, they need to have a legal license from competitive leagues, and without this, they are not regulated by any state they operate in. The bottom line is that this sort of dubious site is a massive risk to your personal information and your money. You will find e-sport betting offered on two types of sites. First of all, the traditional bookmaker where you can bet on sports such as NFL, NBA, etc. often has an e-Sports arm. Secondly, there are dedicated sites which exist primarily for e-sports betting and do not offer anything else.

Types of e-Sports Bets

Getting familiar with the language used will make it easier to bet on e-sports. Firstly, the games themselves tend to be abbreviated. League of Legends becomes LoL, and Defence of the Ancients 2 becomes Dota 2 amongst others. Most people tend to bet on games they enjoy playing or watching and stick to one game. Some bets are specific to a game, in much the same way as normal sports bets work. So, in LoL, you will find a bet called Team to Destroy First Tower – which does not apply to any other game. The different types of bets you can place depend mainly on the betting site you are using, as they can set their own. You should also familiarise yourself with terms that crop up in all forms of betting and relate to odds; these are Decimal, Fractional and American odds. After that, you are all set, so you need to decide on your payment method. It is recommended that you use an ewallet like Neteller or Skrill. These work in the same way as PayPal and mean that you do not have to enter your banking information into the betting site, adding a layer of protection.