Top 6 Places to Watch ESports: How to Enhance the Experience 

What do you know about eSports streams? If your knowledge stops at YouTube and Twitch broadcasts, you’re on the right page. Soon, we’ll reveal all the best platforms for watching eSports matches and explain how to improve the process. Let’s jump in!

What’s a Live Stream?

In 1939, the United States broadcast the first sports event, Olympic Games. The Public liked this novelty. Nowadays, we can’t imagine a sports/eSports event that is not live-streamed.

In a nutshell, a live stream is a video uploaded to the net and shared with other users in real time. You can watch streams on several platforms:

  • Twitch – the most popular streaming platform, preferred by most event organizers. They like Twitch because it follows a tolerance policy and has strict rules for those who violate it. Moreover, this site has a top bit-rate and resolution;
  • YouTube – a less censored alternative to Twitch. Most organizers understand that YouTube is far more popular than Twitch, so they have its stream, too. This platform has a good resolution but lacks a bit-rate. That’s why YouTube picture can smudge during lots of motion on the screen;
  • Facebook Gaming – a fresh steaming site for niche games. Currently, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the most popular eSport on Facebook Gaming. It has 1080p+ quality, pro casters, and a chat feature;
  • Discord – a trendy platform for gamers’ communication that also offers streams. You won’t find pro casters here. On Discord, separate communities hold streams on private and public channels. You can stream here, too. But if you want your cast to be of good quality, you must boost your Discord server with nitro;
  • Caffeine – a fresh streaming platform owned by ex-Riot Games employees. That’s one of the reasons Caffeine contracts with League of Legends Championship Series in 2019. Even though Caffeine has good quality and expensive promotions, it will struggle to win over the LoL eSports audience from giants such as Twitch;
  • Direct streams – a match broadcast straight from the game. If you want to watch the competition without casters and an annoying chat, games like Dota 2 and CS 2 will let you do that through their clients. Such streams have the best possible quality and bit-rates. 

As you see, platforms differ. To choose your favorite, analyze your needs and find a site that suits them.

Events You’ll Find Streamed 

If you’re familiar with eSports, you know its events are classified into tiers. Competitions from the S and A tiers are always streamed. These are The International (Dota 2) with a multi-million dollar prize pool, World Championship (LoL) with over 6,000,000 peak viewers, and Major (CS 2) with the strongest FPS teams. 

Watching S and A tier events is fun, but you can also capitalize on them. Use During big competitions, GGBet increases its odds to attract more clients. Moreover, this bookie adds unique promotions. They’ll boost your first deposit for up to $100 for cheaper wagering.

B-tier and lower events don’t get such privileges. However, they’re still streamed. Just remember that they won’t pop up on Twitch/YouTube due to their lesser viewer numbers. So, find them through the site’s search or their organizers.

How to Enhance a Watching Experience 

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Bare eSports watching isn’t always exciting. But you can change that. A good way to add emotion to the process is through wagering. You’ll know that a competitor’s performance determines not only his success but also if you win cash.

Also, don’t forget to grab some snacks. Just like when watching movies, snacking makes eSports more enjoyable. And call friends. If they’re into eSports, watching will surely be more fun. 

And lastly, fish for rewards. Games like League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS 2 give their viewers skins and other in-game items. Conditions for obtaining them differ. Some streams give away rewards randomly among current viewers, while others give them guaranteed after watching a stream for some time.

So learn that and start watching. Remember that to be eligible for rewards, you must log into your Twitch, YouTube, or another account.