Known to people all around the world as a board game, Monopoly has undergone digital changes in recent years, as it has been transformed into a video game.

While players would have typically played with friends and family members over a game that could last lifetimes and break out into various arguments about who owned what property and who owed what money, the game has become one of the biggest to have ever existed.

Indeed, there are many different options and variations available to consider playing in its physical form, with players able to enjoy various popular culture themes, brands, or even versions based on their favorite TV shows and movies.

However, with technology continuing to evolve and give game creators new ways to bring experiences to life, there have been some that have been able to bring the classic Monopoly franchise into the 21st century and give players a gameplay session that they wouldn’t have experienced ever before.

What Monopoly Games are considered the best?

As there are several options now available to peruse, it can be difficult to know which Monopoly-based video games are the best to play. Indeed, for many gamers, it can boil down to their preferences and tastes, with some perhaps preferring one device over another, thus allowing them to make a more informed decision about which title to choose.

For mobile gamers, it may make sense to consider Monopoly Go!, as this game helps to combine modern technology and classic gameplay together and create an incredible experience. Monopoly Go! allows players to go around a virtual board that is based on some of the world’s top cities, making certain landmarks and properties available to buy. It combines the traditional features and recognizable aspects of the classic game with modernized graphics and visuals that can help to enhance each session further.

Mobile players who like using their device to play casino games are also able to enjoy a gambling-themed Monopoly title while they are on the move. Monopoly Live, made by Evolution, is a variant found in online casinos. Players can experience the thrill of playing online Monopoly in a virtual format, complete with a big wheel that players spin to advance around the board.

Gamers who prefer actual gaming devices for their sessions may want to consider Monopoly Plus. It’s easy to argue that this is one of the best digital versions of the iconic franchise, as it affords players with an abundance of choice when it comes to choosing a type of game to play. It’s available across a multitude of game console devices, and can allow players to compete against each other online.

If you are looking for an alternative experience but still want the classic Monopoly theme, then you could consider Monopoly Deal. This version of the game focuses on strategy as it is a card game. The aim is for players to try and collect three sets of properties, just like you would in the game. However, you need to keep what you have a secret as you don’t want to lose the card that could help you to achieve your desired set.

Portable gaming devices like the Nintendo Switch have not been left out in terms of quality digitalized Monopoly options. Aptly titled Monopoly for Nintendo Switch, this game is almost the same as Monopoly Plus, but provides a little more content – a new board and extra tokens.

How do you work out what Monopoly game is right for you?

The number of Monopoly-themed games is so big that it is hard to decide which one to play. Gamers despise spending hours on something that is not fun, so it is very important to make the right choice from the start.

As already said, it is crucial to reflect on what you like and whether the game is able to fit your demands. For example, when you want to use your phone, it is worth having a look at what options are available here as this can limit the number of games that you can choose from. Besides, one should consider what a particular game’s content is, as this will be the most important point to decide if the game is for you or not.