nintendo headquarters 600x337 Why will Nintendo produce mobile games? | VGLeaks 2.0

The Big N shocked the whole world with their change course. Nintendo presented a partnership with DeNa, a major Japanese company specialized in mobile software. Thus, Iwata has finally accepted an appeal that came directly from Nintendo’s investors. The Kyoto company are not going to leave the traditional market, they announced “NX”, a codename project for a “Dedicated game system” according to Nintendo.

The traditional Japanese market has dropped to levels of the nineties. If we consider the whole business, the revenues are growing, but traditional systems and software incomes are decreasing. The part that holds the market is the mobile business. Bear in mind that Nintendo are acting prior to the big change that could force manufacturers to produce services and software for third companies interwoven to the mobile devices field.

NX 600x337 Why will Nintendo produce mobile games? | VGLeaks 2.0

Nintendo started their metamorphosis commercializing Amiibo, a line of toys based on Nintendo’s characters. This success has allowed Nintendo to come back to the benefits, even the high demand of Amiibo could compel Nintendo to commercialize cards in order to compensate their clients for this shortage of figures.

In the same vein, Nintendo could retake their former products like Game & Watch, GameBoy, their toys or their board games, among other card games.

Mobile segment represents an opportunity to a company with the huge amount of intellectual properties that Nintendo own. Besides, “NX” should cover their traditional clients. Therefore, Nintendo just will diversify their goals (theoretically).