Following our first article about Wii U devkits. we have exclusive pictures of Wii U‘s V3 development kits.

As opposite to the first iteration (V1-V2) this newer kits are white coloured instead of black.

This time the devkit appears to be more “professional” and bigger compared to the first ones.

Now this kit supports DRC (Display Remote Controller), but this feature is only for wired models. It supports the classic controller too, this time without the classic controller adapter.

v31 Wii U Devkit (CAT DEV V3) | VGLeaks 2.0

Again, they don’t include any optical media yet. It uses the host PC to emulate media discs.

The leds indicate when some parts are active or not (HDD, DISC,etc), Power and Sync buttons are alike than the Wii ones. We have a new button, MION. This button can reset the system to the factory defaults.

The back side didn’t change at all, same Wii outputs and the HDMI output.

v32 Wii U Devkit (CAT DEV V3) | VGLeaks 2.0

Finally we can see the power switch and DRC connector in the right side of the devkit.

v33 Wii U Devkit (CAT DEV V3) | VGLeaks 2.0

As we can see, this devkit incorporates new functions and peripheral support over V1-V2 ones.

The specs for this devkit are almost the same that you can find in V1-V2 models, there is a slight difference in the clockspeeds and performance.