Nintendo Switch could cost around $250 in a single pack. The brand could commercialize a bundle with a game and the console with bigger internal memory than the ordinary model for $300 (estimated).

If you were expecting to purchase Switch together with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in March, we have bad news to share with you: Breath of the Wild won’t be available in March, at least regarding the latest rumor spread by Emily Rogers.

  • Localization of Breath of the Wild is taking so much time, more than Nintendo expected at first. This process should be finished in December. After the localization, Breath of the Wild should be tested deeply from 4-6 months (at least). Therefore, the game won’t make it to be ready in March. A summer 2017 release would be more plausible.
  • Breath of the Wild runs smoother on Switch than on Wii U.
  • Nintendo would increase the difficulty a bit in the final version. The big N reduced the difficulty in the E3 demo to do the exploration enjoyable for press members.

Nintendo, I want Zelda and Switch in March. Release the game partially untested, I got used to that after this gen.

Thanks, ArcadeGirl64.