Destiny: info about Missions, Strikes, Areas, Crucible Maps and Items exposed (Spoiler Alert)

Destiny’s beta will be up soon. This period should have been useful to decide a potential purchase for Destiny or a bale out movement if Destiny did not pleased you.

Anyway, apparently a lot of information upon Missions, Crucible Maps, Items and more, could has been leaked. Retail version of Destiny could appear with the following features:

(Before I forget: if you don’t want to know anything about Destiny, don’t go ahead this point)


Crucible Maps


Twilight Gap
Rusted Lands
Exodus Blue


First Light
The Anomaly


Firebase Delphi
Blind Watch


Shores of Time


The Burning Shrine
(All maps include Clash, Skirmish, Rumble, Control, and Salvage game modes)


Crucible Gametypes

Trials of Osiris (Skirmish): 3v3. You have caught the eye of Osiris. Venture to Mercury and prove yourself as one of the Crucible’s elite. Only the worthy may face the Trials of Osiris, for only the worthy are strong enough to endure what is to come. A string of victories will earn great rewards – but lose three times and you’re out.

Iron Banner: 6v6. Champions are born in battle. Prove your might and earn the respect of the Lords of Iron.

The Grand Arena (Rumble): 3v3. Prove your merit to the New Monarchy in pure combat. You against all. Hone your Light by challenging your fellow Guardians in a fight for survival.

Dead Sectors (Control): 6v6. Dead Orbit desires new territories to expand their reach beyond the City. Fight for control of strategic battle zones. Hold your ground to gain the momentum.

Ancient Relics (Salvage): 3v3. The Arachs of Dead Orbit covet rare artifacts. Secure and defend the Relics to claim the secrets of our past.

Executor’s Challenge (Skirmish): 3v3. New Monarchy seeks those capable of reclaiming the frontier, one battle at a time. A focused engagement between two fireteams. Teamwork is your greatest weapon.

Eternal War (Clash): 6v6. The Future War Cult seeks champions who can face the inexorable future. Form an alliance and fight for supremacy across the ruins of our old worlds.

Machines of War (Combined Arms): 6v6. Heed the call of the Future War Cult and master war on a massive scale. Coordinate vehicles and your ground game to control the battlefield and rout your opponents.


The Tower

Exploration Areas

Venus: Ishtar Sink

Earth: Old Russia

Moon: Sea of Storms

Mars: Meridian Bay


Venus: Vault of Glass (levels 27, 30, 31)

Story Missions


A Guardian Rises (level 1)
Restoration (levels 2, 5)
The Dark Within (levels 3, 6)
The Warmind (levels 4, 7)
The Last Array (levels 5, 8)


The Dark Beyond (levels 6, 9)
The Sword of Crota (levels 7, 10)
The World’s Grave (levels 7, 10)
Shrine of Oryx (levels 8, 11)
Chamber of Night (levels 8, 11)

The Reef (Asteroid Belt):

The Awoken (level 10)
A Key Awaits (level 12)


A Stranger’s Call (levels 10, 12)
Ishtar Collective (levels 10, 12)
The Archive (levels 11, 13)
Scourge of Winter (levels 11, 13)
Eye of a Gate Lord (levels 12, 14)


Exclusion Zone (levels 15, 17)
The Garden’s Spire (levels 16, 18)
A Rising Tide (levels 17, 19)
The Buried City (levels 17, 19)
The Black Garden (levels 18, 20)


Story Challenges

Earth: The Queen’s Wrath (Kill Order; level 24)

  • Strikes
  • Random:

    Vanguard Eagle launches a random strike at level 18
    Vanguard Viper launches a random strike at level 20
    Vanguard Wolf launches a random strike at level 22
    Vanguard Tiger launches a random strike at level 24


    Nightfall: The Devils’ Lair (levels 22, 26, 28)
    The Devils’ Lair (levels 6, 8)


    Nightfall: The Summoning Pits (levels 22, 26, 28)
    The Summoning Pits (level 12)


    Nightfall: The Nexus (levels 22, 26, 28)
    Nightfall: Winter’s Run (levels 22, 26, 28)
    The Nexus (level 14)
    Winter’s Run (level 14)


    Nightfall: Cerberus Vae III (levels 22, 26, 28)
    Cerberus Vae III (level 18)
    Dust Palace (level 18)

    Note: The “Nightfall” strikes may open up for limited times on rotation, rather than being available at all times



    262 helmets
    178 chest armors
    217 class items
    244 gauntlets
    181 leg armors
    169 primary weapons
    120 special weapons
    85 heavy weapons
    74 ships

    To recap: 22 Story missions, 11 Crucible maps, 6 Strikes, 4 Exploration areas, 1 Raid.

    Supposedly, all this info was taken from the Beta and companion app. You should expect this content at launch (or something like that).

    Thanks, Reddit.