New Sonic game in works for Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U: Sonic Thunderstorm or Sonic Blue Thunder


Sega has a deal with Nintendo to offer three exclusive games on Nintendo’s hardware. Sega will release Sonic: Lost World on Wii U and 3DS and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014 on Wii U. After this deal, Sonic will come back to perform a multiplatform game. This game will be called Sonic Thunderstorm or Sonic Blue Thunder and should be announced in May 1st of 2014.

A source has sent us information upon this incoming and unannounced title for PS4, Xbox One and Wii U. Some details could be subject to change, but the framework should keep unchanged.


A new hedgehog character will be named Static the Hedgehog.

A new hedgehog will be a teenage clone of Sonic.

Knuckles, Rouge and Eggman will have teenage clones, like Sonic. Knuckles’ teenage clone will be male and be named Slash the Echidna.

Rouge’s teenage clone will be female and be named Debra the Bat.

Dr Eggman’s teenage clone will be male and be named Eggman.Jr.

Sonic, Knuckles and Rouge’s teenage clones will have robot partners.

Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Static will be playable.

Tails, Knuckles, Rogue, Omega, Blaze, Amy, Slash and Debra will also be playable.

Dr.Eggman, Eggman Jr, Cream, Team Chaotix and Marine will be non-playable.

Static, Slash and Debra will be inspired by Super Sentai.

Characters will return, including Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Big, Shadow, Rouge, E-123 Omega, Cream, Team Chaotix, Blaze, Silver and Marine.


This game will feature 29 levels, objects, a return of old small animals and Chaos Drives with new animals, also the return of Chao Garden.

This gameplay will change characters like in Sonic Heroes.

Hedgehog Engine will return to work on this game like it worked on Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Generations.

This game will be similar to Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations and Sonic Lost World.

Color Powers will not return in this game, except Orbot and Cubot with a new female counterpart.

Static’s robot partner will be a wolf-type with a motorcycle form.

Slash’s robot partner will be a bear-type with a selfish mood.

Debra’s robot partner will be a kitten-type with smarts.

Static the Hedgehog’s element will be Lightning.

Slash the Echidna’s element will be Earth.

Debra the Bat’s element will be Love.

Eggman Jr will be the main antagonist while Dr. Eggman will be a secondary antagonist.

Chaos Emeralds will return.

A new Chao Garden will have past gardens and new gardens.

Black Market will return, also past fruits and masks and colorful Chao eggs from SA2B and SADX.

Static, Slash and Debra’s levels will be inspired by Sonic the Werehog’s levels, also they will have gadgets.

This game will be inspired by Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic 2006.

This game will set to release next year.

This game will follow 4 story modes.

Wi-fi will transfer Chao data.

Tiny Chao Garden will be DLC and will be on PSVITA And 3DS.

Voice actors

Johnny Yong Bosch will voice Static the Hedgehog.

Cam Clarke will voice Slash the Echidna.

Kim Mai Guest will voice Debra the Bat.

Steve Blum will voice Eggman Jr.

Ben Diskin will voice Rover (Static’s partner)

Jamison Price will voice Jumbo (Slash’s partner)

Derek Stephen Prince will voice Catty (Debra’s partner)

Kate Higgins will voice Lovebot (Orbot and Cubot’s female counterpart)

  • Ash the Dragon

    This is fake guys, it’s all coming from the imagination of a kid who is obsessed about this dreamgame of his.

    • True Radiant Free

      It actually seems to line up with the recent Sonic Boom news and that Sonic Dimensions rumor from last year.

      • DV

        Two fake news doesn’t make a true one, do you know that?

        • True Radiant Free

          And do you know that the Sonic Boom cartoon is not fake and was announced two days ago? Look at the teaser picture they released, and you’ll see that Sonic and Knuckles look strangely different. Given what Sega has been doing to the Sonic franchise recently, I would not be suprised if this was true.

          • FuguFish

            You mean how they’re trying to cut a lot of the fat in terms of extraneous characters and game play elements and focus on Sonic himself? Yeah this totally fits with what SEGA has been doing to the franchise for the past four years.

          • Blitznburst

            Oh what, you mean refusing to make any other characters besides Sonic playable and being very conservative about which characters even appear in cutscenes? yes, this is TOTALLY comparable to adding like fifty new characters for the hell of it.

            Nevermind the fact that both Aaron Webber and Mike Pollock debunked this as shitty fanfiction

      • Double Cross

        Scott’s been trying to get voice actors, news websites and PARODY ACCOUNTS to confirm this game for a VERY long time. We know it’s not real.

        Feck, he even asked my Sonic RP account for confirmation, and he’s been harassing Mike and Roger for years.

    • ItsRainingTrees

      Are you trying to ruin my life?

    • Johnny2071

      Well you don’t have to call him a kid. And besides, a few new characters being playable is a nice change of pace than just solo f**kin Sonic every damn day. F**K! All you fanboys want anymore is just Genesis Green Hill Zone.

  • Mike Pollock

    And are you aware that the word “Gullible” isn’t in the dictionary?

    Here’s your “source,” which is the most un-source source there ever has been:

    He made it up. In his head.

  • Bisylizzie

    It’s just this kid called Scott Devine who’s made up this elaborate idea for a game, and keeps trying to get people to pass it off as real.

    I mean, look at his latest Twitter account –

  • Connor Cahill-Hayes

    Who the hell actually believed this enough to post it!?

    • DatDudeOvaDere

      The person who thought of it

  • VizardJeffhog

    Guys… this is fake. Thoroughly and truly fake. This is just an idea some braindead twat on Twitter wouldn’t shut up and pester various VAs, Sonic news sites (I would know as a writer for The Sonic Stadium, he wouldn’t shut up about it and send this crap our way), and SEGA themselves about it, it’s been months.

    Just some fanwank fantasy, nothing more.

    • Johnny2071

      Guys, my a**. If people want to believe in this game (fake or not), LEAVE THEM BE.

  • Avery Massenburg

    As much as I like Shadow and Silver, I think adding another hedgehog to the mix is just unoriginal.
    And Eggman Jr.? Kinda sounds like someone’s been playing a lot of Mario lately.

    I do wish Chao Gardens, multiple playable stories and Adventure style stages would return in some way though.

  • N1ntendo

    This is probably the plot and voice actors for the cartoon Sonic Boom, NOT a game. And the titles are probably episode names.

    • PObox

      I doubt any of this has to do with anything period.

    • DatDudeOvaDere

      If you actually read it says this game will feature 29 levels… Cant be a series if it has levels and the fact that the plot will like show Sonic going to the Chao Garden and like he looks and sees “Static’s” Chao is #1 so he starts his Chao Training…. But that would be funny to see in the Show if this was actually part of it >.>

  • kevinxnelms

    So fake. Didn’t even have to read it. Next Sonic game is still a Nintendo exclusive, remember?

  • Nico

    I came

  • Mohamed Sonic

    Just announce the third game sega
    Because sonic on the Ps4 is what i want

    • InfinityAlex

      No, because SEGA have stated Sonic fans are clearly on Nintendo platforms, regardless of their plans for the future.

      • Me

        I play Sonic games on Playstation consoles, bit unfair not to release it on Multiplatform, isn’t it? (This is the game after whatever the 3rd Nintendo exclusive game is)

      • Mohamed Sonic

        lol i am a Sonic fan actually a Super fan and yet i dont like nintendo .
        hopefully after the third game Sonic is free come to PS4 my dear friend .

  • Marionic The HumanHog

    Ya know this game is not a bad idea, Sega should try Making this game and we’ll see how it turns out.

    • InfinityAlex

      Yes, it is a bad idea. SEGA should NOT try making it. It is just some shitty fanfic.

      • GXAtailsmo

        Hell it’s not.
        It’s worth a try.

      • DatDudeOvaDere

        Agreed however only thing they should try to remake is Chao Garden and some Serious Sonic Adventure Gameplay I mean everything else though…. Not so much

  • lucci

    fake fake fake fu ck

  • lucci

    am this is fake

  • soninc

    vai ter qual transformação do sonic o super sonic,falou do sonic unleashed em tão tem o sonic the werehog e do wisps

  • AceRuby

    Yea sorry but after the negative reaction the “werehog” sections got in Unleashed I highly doubt they’d go back to doing that for another game again (as Lost World shows). This rumor just doesn’t seem plausible honestly as I’m sure their will be a multiplatform Sonic eventually but it will be more in vein of what’s come out recently in Lost World and Generations. I do think Sonic Team does need to start adding Knuckles and Tails into the gameplay aspects of the next Sonic titles though as its been quite a while since they have.



    • GXAtailsmo

      why were there oc’s in Sonic Lost World, Huh?
      The Zeti were and are oc’s!

  • SamuraiKrft

    I would like another Sonic adventure game…Those were by far my favorite. Specifically A2B.

  • Swagrid

    Wow. This faggot got my hopes up. I loved Chao Gardens and multiple playable characters. Now reading all of the comments I see that this guy needs to keep his shit off of the internet. God damn.

  • GXAtailsmo


  • Dafster

    Okay, I’m sorry to rain on the parade, but this looks very fake. SEGA are trying to reduce the amount of characters at the moment to the core characters such as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Eggman. Having most other characters AND clones, as well as having heaps of them playable just sounds like the kind of thing that someone’s dreamed up. Same goes for the chao gardens and having it inspired from the Sonic Adventure games.

    Not to mention, this breaks the 3 game Nintendo exclusive deal, and I doubt SEGA would do that.

    • I am all of me

      i don’t care what they do as long as shadow as long as shadow gets to come back into the fray…

  • FakerSite!


  • Michael2013

    That’s weaird,that kind of sounds like mario instead,sonic has too many characters already,i lost count espisode 1&2 was just remakes of the old sonic the hedgehog arcade game,really.

  • DatDudeOvaDere

    Why not just Call it Sonic Adventure 3? I mean >.> Sounds like it? Or why not add it with the Sonic Fakes :3 just to be fair lol

  • Derpfish

    Color Powers will not return in this game, except Orbot and Cubot with a new female counterpart.

    Color Powers … Orbot and Cubot …


  • Fake

    Obviously fake. Sega is too lazy to make something big like that.

    • SonicDaHedgehog


  • ItsRainingTrees

    If this is real, I”m going to flip shit. Out of excitement.

  • UEU

    I’m 100% sure this is fake.

  • 2cool4fun

    Man I wish this was real

  • Harley_Go

    The game will be partially inspired by Sonic 2006. Oh dear god……..

  • :(

    I got all excited for this until i read the comments…