(Rumor) Next Resident Evil comparable to Revelations, unveiled at E3 14

Resident Evil split its fanbase hence the fourth chapter. It was a superb action game, but in some way it wasn’t a Resident Evil product like the classics.

The next two numerated titles expanded the formula played in Resident Evil 4. Some rumors pointed out that RE7 could try to come back the foundations of the saga.

Although we will have to wait until that, because of according the latest rumor, the next Resident Evil won’t be Resident Evil 7. It will be a Resident Evil similar to Revelations and it’s the game that Capcom could unveil at E3 14.

Two different Resident Evil insiders claimed the next chapter in the old license could follow the steps of Resident Evil: Revelations.

1. First insider:



2. Second insider:


Needless to say, this info it’s not official and it’s far away to be, but it’s something.

Thanks, Neo-GAF.